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MP brands dyslexia a 'fiction' - AbilityNet Brands Solutions a 'fact'

Always interested when someone with an audience decides to stir the pot a little, and MP Graham Stringer seems to have decided to do just that.
Without any sense of Irony Mr Stringer manages to condemn specialist teaching methods in schools, and then in the same breath suggest another approach.
It does seem odd - that so much time, and dare we say money, is spent on a debate on teaching methods and perhaps a "cure" for dyslexia when in fact technologies exist that make make reading and writing accessible anyway
For many years those with reading and writing challenges, including those with Dyslexia have been overcoming the problem through the use of technology, from spell checkers to voice output, voice recognition to predictive word processors people with Dyslexia have been guided to find solutions that are effective for them. Quietly adults failed by schools have addressed the issue through technology with advice and guidance from organisations like AbilityNet with free factsheets and the telephone helpline.
The latest technologies extend these free tools still further for users, helping to bridge not only the digital divide but the literacy challenge as well - we've already blogged on the new features in windows 7 - and are distributing open source support for reading via our main website pages. what do we know, we know these things make a difference, engaging people with learning and leading to qualifications and employment.
Maybe the label isnt helpful sometimes, but its important to focus on real issues rather than column inches. We know that many people struggle with reading and writing and we know that we have the technology, we know that we can help - we can make the difference - and the solutions may be free for many already
So if Mr Stringer would like to know more about how to help those that are struggling. you know where to send him -

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