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July 2020

The last few months have been strange for us all, but despite this, there is a lot of news to share. This year I have been engaged in two key projects, the first exploring the relationship between access to assistive technologies and economic opportunities in South Asia and the second related to the impact of emerging technologies on access to mobility for people with a disability. Both projects are ongoing and I will share updates and news on each as time passes.

The publishing stream of our work has diversified in recent months and we now have three regular publications available freely. Access and Inclusion Through Technology, AAC News and the most recent "Voices" a collection of thoughts and opinions from people with a disability across the world.

Site updates have been ongoing, all of my blogs are now curated on Medium and it was a great pleasure to work with IAAP and the Zero Project to interview three innovative practices related to access and inclusion. Links to the video of those live interviews are available on the thoughts page 

You might also want to watch out for more updates from Global Symbols, the not for profit I am involved in as new training materials and tools are released freely.

Finally Im please to offer links to the accessibility toolkit created by GSMA as part of their MISTT training for use of mobile phones, it was a great pleasure to work with the GSMA to create these for use by telecoms operators, NGO's and disabled persons organisations. The links are available on the resources page  



About Me 

David Banes is Director of David Banes Access and Inclusion Services and was formerly CEO, at Mada the Qatar Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center based in Doha where he was based for six years. He was responsible for developing services to ensure that people with a disability in Qatar are digitally included, and is currently focused on the broad policy framework required to ensure and sustain this.

Prior to taking up his post in Qatar, he worked as a teacher of children with special needs and principal of a major special school before working in the realm of digital Inclusion in the UK and Europe as Director of Operations and Development for a UK NGO.

His recent work has focused on the development of a framework for the contextualisation of assistive technologies, guidance for the transference of knowledge and skills across communities and developing a policy framework to protect the rights of people with a disability in Qatar.