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Ok the whole world has finally gone mad

December 15th, 2008
Ive not been well you know, a touch of flu - the real thing - not wimpy man flu
So maybe thats why I found this news story so confusing
A US company has created a new gun designed to be used by the elderly and is claiming that it has gotten approval to market the 9mm handgun as a ‘medical device’.
The odd-looking Palm Pistol is designed for those old folk that can’t fire normal guns due to arthritis or other conditions. Some would argue that old folk, or anyone else, shouldn’t be firing guns in the first place.
The sales material reads:
“It is also ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have limited strength or manual dexterity. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principal causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn’t be easier.”
I dont even know how to categorise this one - portable solutions ? Funny how it doesnt turn up on world usability day anywhere ?
I guess somewhere I have to appreciate the intent, there are older people out there who like shooting things, tin cans, maybe rabbits, im not sure that there is a huge problem of drive by’s amongst the over 65’s but I may be wrong. If its legal, and they enjoy it I guess I should welcome the design
But im so confused - maybe cos - ITS A GUN
There are lots of things that people enjoy - maybe it would be really good to see these design skills focussed on something a little less lethal - how about a one handed gaming controller - or …. well just about anything.
It poses another thought - what else do we not want to see adaptations for, where do we draw a line or is that just my liberal bias showing through again
Anyway back to Skynyrds’ Gimmee Back My Bullets for me

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