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Monsters v Aliens 2D - The Kindle story

April 5th, 2009
Ive been sitting in the Monsters Vs Aliens movie this afternoon - what a great mindless way to spend an afternoon !! Sadly my brain was ticking over and I realised that we are all acting out this movie in real life. We are the good guys, clearly, perhaps considerd by some to be a bit “odd” or even “freaky” but basically we’re nice underneath our outwars exterior. The publishers are clearly “Aliens” - and as robots they want to sweep all non conformity before them, imposing their own rigid definitions on us all. But we all know that because we are the funloving mavericks we will come out on top - all we need is a 50 foot woman - and how many times have we all said that ! First Lady Obama step forward the world needs you !!!
So what I need now is a creative - with a good understanding of copyright law as it applies to image infringement to design a pastiche of the movie poster for us - there must be someone with a twisted sense of humour and photoshop skills out there !!!

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