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Keep it quiet - Govt websites were really good !

August 27th, 2009
I’m finding this hard to write, if youve read any of my blogs you’ll know that I much prefer sarcasm to constructive debate - its easier and more fun.  But I have a confession to make - Its been 2 days since I did it but I used a local council and a central govt website. I know its wrong … but they saved me time, saved me money and saved me hassle.
It all started with a parking ticket, I forgot to pay it for a week and then only had three days to pay it at half price. I was due to be on the road all three days - but by paying online I got an immediate response and only paid the discounted fine. The same car needed a new tax disc - I paid online - the system searched and confirmed that I had both insurance and an MOT and within three minutes I was told that a new tax disc would be posted to me
It is these small public services that make a difference to us - and to be honest will make a crucial differnce to the lives of disabled and elderly users. Gettng to the Post Office, being held in lengthy phone queues may all be things of the past instead we are able to interact with services directly and easily.
And that has to become the mantra of the voluntary sector as well - currently too many services are based on models of delivery from 20 years ago and sometimes and unwillingness to embrace new opportunities. when AbilityNet set up online and remote assessment services at least one major UK charity told the DWP that disabled people didn’t want them - but five years later with thousands of users and a 94% satisfaction rating the truth is that people want ease of use, on demand quality services - they like the online experience
And thats just like me - and my car

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